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Gel Nail Stickers - Mosaic (Navy)

Gel Nail Stickers - Mosaic (Navy)

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Finally, cute & stylish nails at home in 10 minutes! 

These gel nail stickers come in a set of 20 pieces for 2 sets of manicure, or 1 set of manicure & pedicure. These stickers do not need any light curing or drying time!

They will last up to 14 days when applied correctly, on cleaned buffed nails, without bubbles & filed at an angle. We highly recommend removing them after 10 days to keep nails healthy. They will wear & tear, and for most women who cook & clean at home, they can last from 3 days to 10 days, depending on their use of hands. 

Please note that we all have different nail beds & they will last longer on some vs the others due to the oiliness of their nail beds. 

*TIP* Try applying base coat on clean nails before applying our gel nail strips for longer lasting. Keep in mind, some nail beds last longer when applied on bare nails. Also, applying a layer of clear polish on just the tips of nails after sticker application may help gel stickers last longer on your nails!

Please refer to our IGTV tutorial on Instagram @shop.miel for detailed direction!